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As the Internet continues to evolve, cybercriminals are getting more creative in ways to target your computer with the very latest viruses and spyware. Norton AntiVirus 2012 provides our most powerful virus, and spyware protection so you can do more without disruption. The latest upgrade of Norton AntiVirus offers: *Ranked #1 in performance *Industry-leading protection *Easier to use Control Center and features. Award-winning speed, performance and protection just got better. Norton Protection System includes 4 layers of rock-solid protection designed to proactively protect against the very latest threats – so you can do more on your PC without disruptions. Insight Technology protects you from download dangers no matter which browser, instant messenger or file sharing program you use. Customizable Control Center gives you the option to choose your preference between a simplified screen or the traditional detailed view. Bandwidth Management limits Norton’s processes and updates when you have limited bandwidth or monthly downloads. Download Insight 2.0 now tells you how stable a download is before you put your computer at risk for crashes or other bad things to happen. Norton Recovery Tools help remove threats that can be deeply buried in a PC’s operating system.

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